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General Mach Discussion / Chinese 3040 Engraver Grounding Problem
« on: February 14, 2021, 10:39:33 PM »
I have a ChinaCNCZone 3040 engraver which I bought a couple of years ago but now I am trying to get it working. This model is one version before the recent announcement of a major overhaul from the manufacturer.

I am having a grounding problem. I just plugged my computer into a different outlet than before and now the 220 volt circuit breaker pops when I plug in the motion controller.

Main circuit breaker is a GFI
Computer is an old Dell Windows XP but very fast
Software is Mach3
Motion controller is a UC100 USB

Without any power on the 3040, I discovered that just touching the shell of the UC100 connector to the shell of the 3040 socket pops the breaker. If I plug the computer back into the original outlet, there is no problem.

How do I analyze the problem? Is there 220Volts on the 3040 chassis?


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