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Hi to @ll, and first thanks for your help.

I tried to use this macro i found in youtube.

Explanation of the code:

Showing how it works in real life:

When i use this macro i have one problem with G53, i think i don't have a mistake in the code (i copied all the code and see if it's correct 2 times coping the video).

The Log say this:
Code: [Select]
Sun - 19:53:46 ---Cannot use g53 incremental , Block = G53 Z-6.5
Sun - 19:53:46 ---Cannot use g53 incremental , Block = G53 Y900
Sun - 19:53:47 ---Cannot use g53 incremental , Block = G53 Z-10
Sun - 19:53:47 ---Cannot use g53 incremental , Block = G53 Z-5
Sun - 19:53:48 ---Cannot use g53 incremental , Block = G53 G00 Z0.0
Sun - 19:53:48 ---Cannot use g53 incremental , Block = G53 G00 X780.61Y1103.32

I don't know if its something relative with the settings in mach3 maybe i go to share my settings.

Anyone can help me to make it work, if you need more captures of my settings or something for see if my settings are correct tell me and i make it fast.

Thanks for your help.

I upload this video of my new 1.8Kw ATC spindle with issues in one of the tool sensors, only work the sensor when the clamp are opened but the sensor for see if the tool is inside fail (see the video).

This motor is from Rattm motor / Powace (it's the same company), when you buy a spindle in Aliexpress china if one of this issues happen you are done and need to learn how to repair yourself.

The assistance is non-existent with excuses like "ISO20 you need to use another tool holder with different stud".
I send this video and say to him, this issue is without a tool inside and the reply is "if there is no signal without the tool holder that is normal, as we only have two signal Hanging and putting knives, so don't worry."

The seller doesn't really talked with the technicians and doesn't understand nothing about this spindles.

After this no more responses from the seller.

For the moment i don't go to repair this because i don't want to disassemble the spindle without a manual (o see video of another ppl disassembling the same spindle).

I go to make the macro for ATC only with clamp open sensor in the checks of the macro.

With time you can see how evolve this spindle in my videos and if i have luck and i don't have more issues (the spindle feels good except for this problem).

Here i post a video for see this issue (short video).


I think i right to think this isn't good no?

Tomorrow maybe arrive the rails (12mm non hiwin rails) and start to try the macro.

Thanks another time for your time.

Have good time and give me some luck with this ATC  ;D

Hi, first of all THANKS!

I finished to install ATC and first i need to make script work (for the moment i understand the script i started to adapt to my cnc).

I want the possibility to auto return the tool when i finish working (like add a final line in post processor).

Anyone know if mach3 have this option or variable? (or anyone have some script for return the tool to the holder, like read current tool number and return it to position).

Or i need to make a "reverse engineering" the M6start with another name and make a full scripted return macro.

Thanks and sorry for my english.

General Mach Discussion / Macro for set all tools offsets in ATC
« on: January 24, 2023, 05:22:11 PM »
Hi, i looking for a macro for measure all tool offsets in a row (i have 6 tool holders and space for 15 tool holders).

I found this one in youtube but without the macro/script shared and i see its a good script for save time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLq_s0FQ-SA 

Anyone have something similar or this script?

Thanks for your help.

*****VIDEOS***** / Some of my 3D reliefs in wood.
« on: December 27, 2020, 01:29:32 PM »
Wood carvings in diy cnc, some reliefs take 9-11hours to complete at 3500mm/min (137 inch/min).


CS-Lab / CSMIO IP-M Drivers alarm wiring
« on: December 26, 2020, 02:03:03 PM »
Hi to all and thanks for your help  ;)

I finally finished wiring all, motors, limits, probe, drivers and tested and all working good.

I only need wire the alarm of the closed loop hybrid drivers and i don't understand how to connect correctly to csmio input.

The manual of the driver say:
ALM+ When over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage or position error alarm, the alarm signal is valid (output optocoupler is on). ALM+ is connected to the pull-up resistor to the positive terminal of the output power supply. Themaximumdrivecurrentis50mA.

ALM-   ALM- is connected to the negative terminal of the output power supply.

With this i understand the ALM- go to Digital Input - (Pin 25/Input 11 in my case of csmio). And the ALM+ go to Pin 12/input 11+ of csmio and to 24v+ power supply with a resistor in middle (i don't know what resistor go in middle with 24v power supply if this is correct).

I attach a little schematic i made with my interpretation.

Thanks for your help i really appreciate it.

CS-Lab / CSMIO IP-M Z touch plate wiring
« on: December 20, 2020, 01:56:49 PM »
Hi to all,

First thanks for your time and help.

I started to make a new controller box for migrate from GRBL to CSMIO IP/M and i have one doubt and i don't want to try things without understand it.

I have one simple touch plate with a clamp for a bit, but I'm afraid of make a bad use.
The problem i have I'm afraid of use pins IN 12 (11+ input pin) and IN25 (11- input Pin) with the chassis/spindle because are grounded to house earth and i don't know if this is possible.

I put this little schematic if someone can confirm how i need to wire the touch plate with clamp (or chassis without clamp) and confirm the pins used.

This thing it's the only i need for finish the controller box and continue to use my cnc.

Thanks to all i really appreciate your help and experience. 

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