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I am setting up a new system for an old engraving table. Using Mach3 thru ethernet smooth stepper to leadshine mx3660 and to steppers for x and y axis.

The z axis is a air actuated spindle by New Hermes for fine engraving.

I need to turn on a relay driven air valve solenoid when the z axis starts a plunge or downward motion and off when the z axis retracts. The action of the plunger is fast.

There is of course no z axis stepper motor. I just need a logic signal on an mx3660 output that corresponds to the direction a z axis stepper would move if there was one.

Is there any way to set up an initial line of code that would output this logic.. Logic high when z axis is plunging (down) and Logic low when z axis retracts (up) 

Logic polarity is of no concern. I can set that up with hardware.

I am most likely gong to use Vcarve to generate gcode but they do not have a solution for this so far.



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