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General Mach Discussion / Motor changing direction at random
« on: January 08, 2021, 09:48:53 PM »
I have recently connected my 3 axis CNC to Mach3 via 3 TB6600 drivers and a ST-V2 BOB. Everything is wired up correctly and Mach3 Config has been entered as per BOB installation instructions.

However, the Y axis motor changes direction at random with each activation of the jog command, either by hot key or from within Mach3. i.e when I press the Y+ command, the motor will start in any direction; Y+ or Y-. The next time I hit the Y+ command again, the motor might run in the opposite direction. The DRO however will continue to clock as if the motor is running in the Y+ direction. The same occurs with the Y- command but the DRO will continue clocking in the Y- direction. This problem initially happened only to the Z axis motor, but that seems to have resolved itself mysteriously and now occurs only to the Y axis. Both X and Z axes' motion are stable.

I have ruled out the TB6600s and the BOB by interchanging the Drivers and BOB axes pin connections, and changing the Motor Outputs pin values in Mach3 Config accordingly. It does not matter what channel I establish between Mach3 and the motors, the Y axis jog commands can not assure direction.

My computer's O/S (Vista) was reinstalled + memoryoveride.zip, as was Mach 3 (R3.043.062) and I also addressed the blue question mark after the Mach3 driver in 'Device Manager' with the fix in https://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php?topic=38269.0. The blue question mark remains.

I've attached the xml file.

Do any of you have any suggestions?

General Mach Discussion / MaxNC MaxPath42 Motor specifications
« on: November 24, 2020, 08:53:37 PM »
I have an old MaxNC MaxPath42 with Lin Engineering 5718L 3D 6 wire hybrid stepper motors, which have been wired as 5 wire unipolar motors.

Lin Engineering built this motor specially for a manufacturer of flexible hoses from which MaxNC bought them.
Lin Engineering can not give me the manufacturer's name, nor can they give me the motor specs as it is a proprietary item and MaxNC has gone out of business.

The X axis motor has blown two TIP120 capacitors so far and to correct the problem, I need the motor specs.

Can anyone help?

General Mach Discussion / Looking for good DIY controller kit supplier
« on: November 18, 2020, 05:33:37 PM »
I've blown my controller. When I opened the controller up I found a capacitor rattling around ... unused, not soldered in, must have been solder shop quitting time and the Mrs had cooked a good meal. I have a 3 axis router with Lin Engineering 5718L 03D steppers and US Digital E2 optical kit encoders, limit switches and run it via a parallel port on Mach3. All these are in good condition. I'm looking for a suitable DIY controller kit with the entire kit and caboodle to run the mill efficiently. Do any of you know of a suitable kit and supplier? I am retired, do not have very deep pockets but still would like something of quality. A beer pocket and champagne taste so to speak. Look forward to your suggestions.

General Mach Discussion / Very Slow Feed Rate
« on: November 11, 2020, 08:21:52 PM »
Hello People, I have calibrated and tuned my CNC steppers and the CNC now jogs beautifully. Once the sample G Code (roadrunner) is loaded and the Cycle Start button is activated however, the Feed Rate is extremely slow, often only a step and very small distance at the time. Over-Riding the Feed Rate by 250% makes hardly any difference. My CNC is a 12 year old MiniMax (MaxPath42) with recon control circuitry. It has another issue but I'll discuss that separately. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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