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I am setting up my 1st 3 axis RF45 clone mill and using the following, PMDX126, PMSX107. Warp9ESS, Gecko 320, US digital E2 encoders.
I am able to jog the axis and move them but the movements requested does not match the output. I have tried manipulating the per unit calculations in the Motors tab of Mach4 but no matter the data i Input the movement stays the same on the axis or relatively close. For example request 1 unit movement using 1" indication at 6400 counts i get .1 using the wizard if tells me to try some larger number like 32000 I will input the data in the motor set up save and then go back to try it and the distance remains the same at .1 inch. I have never ran into this issue on my other plasma tables or router but they are all stepper motors and this is a servo set up. I am not sure what to do next spent way to much time on this issue. The attached schematic is how i have it wired with the exception of having a 5v power supply to the G320's i have utilized the 126 board as well for the control voltage to them to see if it changes anything.

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