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Hi All ,
this is my first problem to overcome using Mach , so if their a better way let me know !

i am looking at controling the height of the z axis by the use of a displacement transducer which is fitted to a laser head to control the focus by moving the z axis either side of programmed height , as the nozzle is fitted with a foot which rides over the material being cut  , similar to torch height on a plasma etc .

so wondering if anyone has ideas on or has programmed this before , and the best way to go about this
as it would be as a slave to the z axis in my opinion as would only come into play once the z axis had reached it's programmed position

any thoughts welcome


Feature Requests / Z axis laser focusing control
« on: April 17, 2008, 03:11:14 AM »
Hi , has anyone added or could give further info on interfacing a Linear displacement transducer ( LVDT ) , we have a laser we are retrofitting to Mach3
which has a Foot fitted with an LVDT , to track the Z axis height over a distance of 2.5mm , used for keeping the lens focused etc , how can we incorporate this function , or will it need a plugin etc ,

Any help appriciated


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