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General Mach Discussion / Mach 3 bob help
« on: May 18, 2020, 12:32:11 PM »
Hi guys new to the forum

Need some help with my cnc plasma

Everything working fine till my pc crashed, I reloaded mach3 and put settings in so x and y axis working fine, z axis and thc not working,

But I am seeing an issue on the bob, when I connect usb to bob it powers the board fine, when i connect lpt cable the relay on board starts clicking, double click few seconds double click over and over,

Before the breakdown used to just power up one click on relay that's it, so I want to find out if the relay on the board is done?

If it is I would have just changed out the bob, however I cannot find the same bob with built on relay in stock in SA, so this is where my issue comes,

I managed to get a 6axis wantai bob which is almost the same besides no relay, so now to duplicate the same system is my issue.

The original bob had 2 wires soldered at the bottom of the bob underneath the relay and that was wired to another 5v PCb 8pin relay, which used to trigger thc and torch fire, so that's the part I dont understand how to deplicate on new bob.

All this depends if I'm missing anything on original bob causing that relay to double click

Any help would be appreciated

Attached pics of the original bob with pic of underneath where wires were soldered and that 8pin relay

Excuse the wiring and joints this is few days frustrations once I got everything working will wire properly



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