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HI there,

Does anyone have any suggestions or preferences when it comes to VFD's I'm using a 2.2kw 110V spindle.



Mach4 Plugins / Mach 4 says ESS not connected
« on: July 13, 2020, 01:26:27 PM »
Hi there,

Currently I'm trying to config my ESS and Mach 4, but when I hit the config and go to the ESS plugin, it keeps saying that "it does not appear that you are connected to the ESS board." I have checked with the SCU software from Warp9, and it is receiving successful pings, and the board is receiving power just fine. I have also switched out the Ethernet adapter cable, and its the same result. The upper green light LED on the ESS is also just doing 2 short blinks (nothing else).

I am not sure what else to do here to fix this, anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a 2.2 Kw spindle that has either UL or CSA approved certification? We're trying to build a CNC for our professor, and if anyone has previously bought one and could link it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi there,

Currently I'm trying to wire my MB3 breakout board and Clearpath servo motor through the Cpm-Cable-Ctrl-Mu120 Cable provided by Teknic. I understand how to wire the step and direction, and  I'm not wiring the enables because I have an E-stop and limit switches. I'm not sure where the wire the HLFB+ and HLFB-.

Does anyone with more experience be willing to help me understand the best way to wire these, as I am a little confused looking at the manual.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Just recently bought an MB3 breakout board and the manual suggests using a 24V and 3A power supply, will it blow the fuse if I use a 24V with a 6.5 A power supply? The board will use what it needs, so it shouldn't matter with the amperage right?

Just asking for confirmation thank you,


Hi there,

I have been looking at the two manuals for the MB3 breakout board and DYN2 servo motor driver, and was wondering if someone could help me understand the wiring as I am very new to servos. Am i connecting the pulse and direction to the step and direction from the motor driver to the breakout board only? Also if anyone has their own wiring schematic for just one motor and would be willing to share it, this would be extremely helpful.

Thank you,



Mach4 General Discussion / Mach 4 and 5 Axis CNC
« on: May 11, 2020, 04:35:19 PM »
Hi, I am currently a student, and am working for a university Lab that has me assisting in creating a 5 axis CNC with Mach4 software.

I am posting a few questions, if anyone can help regarding this project, I would greatly appreciate it.

1. If someone could suggest a good controller board for a 5 axis CNC (Mach4), that can control x y z and 2 rotary axes, along with spindle control.
2. We are currently thinking of using Nema 34 stepper motors, any suggestions in changing these motors or keeping them would be taken into consideration.
3. Suggestions on power supplies for both motors, and motion controller would be helpful as well.
4. finally any breakout board information is helpful as well in case the motion controller doesn't have any additional inputs for limit switches and emergency stop.

The professor basically gave the people in the lab this task, and asked us to work from scratch, throwing us in the deep-end. We understand we are complete newbies to this, so any information regarding this would be very helpful, including links to other sites or forums for help.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this,


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