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General Mach Discussion / "Auto tool zero" going up instead of down
« on: October 28, 2021, 07:11:57 AM »

It is quite a simple problem and I just need to know with minus symbol should I change to +. Long story short, Z axis goes up instead of going down after the first touchdown to the probe.

I'll post the code.

Code: [Select]
'X/Y/Z referenced?
If getoemled(807) Or getoemled(808) Or getoemled(809) Then 'Kontrolli kas nullimise ledid polevad
MsgBox "Teljed nullimata"
Exit Sub
End If

'probe input allready active
If GetOemled(825) <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Testi raadioandurit"
Exit Sub
End If

XWork = GetOEMDRO(800)  ' Get Current X Work Coordinate
YWork = GetOEMDRO(801)  ' Get Current Y Work Coordinate
XMachine = GetOemDRO(83)  ' Get Current X Machine Coordinate
YMachine = GetOemDRO(84)  ' Get Current Y Machine Coordinate
ZMachine = GetOemDRO(85)    ' Get Current Z Machine Coordinate

Code "G49" ' cancel tool lenght offset
Code "G0 G53 Z-1" ' Home Z
code "G53 X216.90 Y3069.85" ' Move into Probe Pos ***EDIT HERE***
DoOEMButton(179) ' machine coordinates
Tool_Number = GetDRO(24) ' get actual Tool number

'fast probe
code "G31 Z-200 F300" ' Z liigub alla 300 mm kuni probini
While IsMoving()

code "G91 G0 Z10" ' Z liigub ├╝les 10  mm
Code "G90"
While IsMoving()

'slow probe
code "G31 Z-15 F20" ' Z liigub alla 15 mm kuni probini
While IsMoving()

If Tool_Number = 0 Then ' Master tool Cal
z = GetOEMDRO(85) ' get Machine ZPos
Call SetOEMDRO(49,z) ' Set g54 z offset
Call SetDRO(24,0) ' Turn off the tool offset by loading tool #0
Height = GetDRO(2) ' Get the pos of the Z axis without the Tool comp on
Call SetDRO(24,Tool_Number) ' Turn the tool Back on so the offset will go to the
Call SetoemDRO(42,Height) ' Set the Tool Height offset
End If

DoOEMButton(181) ' back To program coordinates
code "G0 G90 G53 Z-1  F1000"
code "G43"
While IsMoving()
Sleep 10

Code "G0 X" & XWork & " Y" & YWork ' Returns to the previous XY job location
While IsMoving()

General Mach Discussion / Error "Find No XHC NcEther!"
« on: October 25, 2021, 01:48:42 PM »
Good day

Woke up and started up the computer today and started Mach3 and all the typical things. Turned on the machine and stuff and then tried to move it a little to see if everything was fine. Turns out it wasn't. It did not move, at all. Upon further inspection I found that an odd notification had appeared to the so called "Error box" :D. It says "Find No XHC NcEther!". I even tried to restart the computer, but it decided that its hard drive will fail today, but that's another story.

Any suggestions of what could have went wrong or anything at all?


General Mach Discussion / Question about spindle and RPM
« on: March 17, 2021, 10:37:22 AM »

I have a 3.5kw chinese spindle, that says 18000 rpm on it. My question is, is it better to run it on that given 18000 or is it better to go with 16000 just to save the motor. What do you guys think (or know)?


Since the beginning of me CNC'ing with Mach3 it has only let me automatically zero my tools only once per session (with expections that I have not ran a program before). Every time I want to re-zero a tool, it goes to the probe and stops wayyyyyy above the probe itself and sets the Z value to something like -25.0000, which normally for me should stay in the range of -150.0000 to -180.0000. So everytime I want to zero a new tool, I have to restart Mach3, home all the axises and then auto tool zero it. Is there a way to avoid that?


I was wondering, if Mach3 has the ability to run through the job boundaries without manually having to move it. Right now, what I do is load the g-code and then manually see if the material is inside the job boundaries. But my question is, is there a way to make Mach3 do it itself? I hope you get what I mean here, I really do not know the proper words for this function. It should work the same as some chinese lasers have the "Frame" button on them.

Have a good one everybody.


I have a question. I need my machine to go to lets say X400 and Y600 machine coordinates, but it reffers to its other coordinates (offset?). I used to MDI tab and command "G00 X400 Y600". Struggling with it overhere.


I have to recalibrate my CNC machine, because whenever I tell the machine to go 2000mm on Y axis, it goes like 1890 or so. I know that I need to calibrate the thing, but I am not sure that it maintains the same location where my tool change palette is. I'm afraid that it will physically just tear through it or bump into the frames or something. My question here is, am I doing the calibrating thing right (tell your machine to move X amount of units - how much did it really move method) and can it cause anomalys like this where it would miss the tool change palette.


Hey guys, I've been fiddling around with a CNC router for about 3 months now and just stumbled upon a problem.

So every time I try to do auto tool zero with tool number 3 (3mm end mill), it works like a charm. When I try to do it with tool number 4 (6mm ball nose) the machine stops 7-10mm above the plate.

Would love to try your solutions. Cheers.

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