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Mach4 General Discussion / Maybe WHB04B is a liability
« on: March 25, 2024, 08:20:26 AM »
Hi all,
The puzzling series of events that have visited my workshop as of late would test the patience of Jobe.
I was a little anxious to make metal chips for the first time. Much of the stress comes from the lack of experience, and the guess work at feeds and speeds possible with mist coolant and a 2.2kW spindle. They have a lousy power to torque in the lower rpm range.
I have run it much lower than I thought possible.
As I was wrapping my head around how my VFD was all of a sudden running the spindle in reverse, and that would explain the ridiculous results on the facing toolpath attempt #1, I was taking a call outside the shop when the XHC pendant sent a "Start" command unattended. Moments later it blanked out, and sent the gantry off at full speed, narrowly missing a backstop. The show came to a crashing halt. I did a teardown of the pendant in hopes of finding some stray sliver of metal that was shorting out some minute trace on the PCB but none was found. Noticed the impressive build quality that is the guts of the WHB04B and pondered if the corded version would be any better. Tried to get my Xbox controller to work but no luck, it's obviously a copy.
During the second attempt at the first toolpath, my compressor went ballistic and sent EMF or surge that took out the monitor, then the graphics card and finally the PC died two days later. Not so good for the confidence. Hard on the pocket book. But hey, I can deal with that. I can deal with the two unscheduled power outages. I can get over the two bent stylus on the crappy 3D edge finder. Having to reinstall the ESS plugin, seems like a cake walk.

But I take exception to the MPG. The thing I really just can't tolerate is the lack of updating of the speed selected in both CON and STP as axis selection changes.
So as you move from the Ref All Home coordinates  to the new offset that is the fixture or WCS as defined in the CAM setup, one tends to go from quick jogging speed to slow jogging as you approach the stock to establish a distance that is inline with the Prep distance that you have chosen in the Probe dialogue. Obtaining the new Y- and X- using the probe feature should be predictable. But the WHB04B is not, it is apparently incapable of updating the speed as is indicated on the speed dial once the axis has changed. In all cases the speed you deal with is the same as what it was the last time you were using that axis. The only way to avoid potential damage to probe and tools (and ones demeanor) is to rotate the MPG effecting a move away from the target, just briefly, to check the velocity that is currently at play, and often followed by a reselection of the speed to register with the HID or dongle. Have I bored you all to tears yet?
In other words, I have had quite enough. I don't understand why people are so invested in them. Maybe this one is faulty. Who knows. Not buying another.
Manual tool change with ER20 collets eats a lot of time. I have also, on many occasions, had to make several probe sequences on just one edge or face to get Mach4 to do its thing. Way too often the contact is made but Mach4 disables itself. Button goes green, but my face is getting red.
Xmas will come early this year.
Time for a Vista CNC solution

Mach4 General Discussion / 3D Edge Finder procedure query
« on: July 20, 2023, 01:43:24 AM »
Hope this isn't the wrong place to air this question. Let me know if so.
As I up the game to include Brass and Aluminum as materials to work with,  XY and Z ref take on a new slant. There I was trying to do a test piece in 13mm 6061 T651 plate and attempting to define the WCS as per the CAM workflow with my wood working probe gear. How newb can I get?
The new bed is conductive as will be the fixture plate that I am about to make, along with the mod vice and material. The gear I was using for non conductive materials goes into a drawer for now.
I have no experience  using the more in-depth probing sequence.
The market offers little selection as far as 3D Probes go. Prices jump from an idle to a full sprint.
I started with a~$100 item that states it has some anti roll feature.
It has a 6mm shank but we are installing it in a spindle with no brake.
As I am getting a handle on this device, it looks like that might present a problem.

Can someone explain best practice and which of the Mach4 probe methods to use.
thanks, chris

Mach4 General Discussion / 3D Touch Probe choice
« on: May 29, 2023, 03:46:11 AM »
Hi all,
I did a huge face palm the other day when after a protracted upgrading the bed of my machine to allow for precision work holding I suddenly realized that my probing procedure was going to need an upgrade as well. The wood spoil board has been replaced with extruded 6061 T651

I have been looking at the market place and will have to resort to the lower cost solution for the meantime.
Would anyone care to make a suggestion in the $100 range like the one pictured
Thanks in advance.

New to Mach4.  I am running the 4162 build with the ESS 278.1 plugin.

I get the CCW ON LED  when the spindle is running CW.
It may be some artifact of earlier mis-steps during profile creation.
It is a PWM driven VFD, and had originally set it up as OB.
At one point, I could only get spindle to run by hitting the CCW On button, and I couldn't say as to how I solved that.
Maybe I should just start a new profile given that I have made most of the possible mistakes.
Thought it would be a good topic unless its just not! Screen editing is probably not the solution.
Just need a nudge in the right direction if somebody has a few minutes.


Puzzling result during new installation. New ESS with the MB3 b.o.b.  I am just finding my feet with configuring but feel confident that I defined the pins correctly. As i checked RPM of spindle with a hand held device, i could only get FWD rotation by hitting CCW button in the GUI. I also tested  simple gcode files and had to change  M03 to M04 to get any action.

It is a simple 2.2kW VFD that wants FWD and ANA 0-10V.

Your assistance is much appreciated

Merry Christmas all, several months ago I took delivery of a CNC Router from Acctek. It is arguably a good starter machine with effective 600x1200mm work holding. I was not surprised that it came with a dated version of Artcam but really had no expectation that they had sent Mach3 with a license. The pandemic has been difficult but now have the extra needed to acquire a bonafide licence with Artsoft.
 As I was getting to know the equipment and the software I realized that something was a little odd with the version they sent. It won't allow me to install a Joystick plug in, and I can't enter machine soft limits and my probe script is sketchy. I have put this off for far too long and want to know if I am going to have to get rid of the XHC 4 Axis USB motion controller and up the game with an ethernet card. Anyone been here before? Suggestions welcome!

General Mach Discussion / Anyone using Xbox Controller with Win10?
« on: September 22, 2020, 01:47:35 PM »
Greetings to the forum et al,
Neophyte alert.
Proper respect to the wizard's and their considered replies I have been absorbing over the weeks since I started up in earnest
Whilst observing the umbrella rule "There are no dumb questions",...
Can somebody help with my kinda rough go at the XBox controller install?
As it stands:
After I install the DLL for Xbox to C:/Mach3/Plugins and then restart, I get a dialogue box stating that the DLL is corrupt and then boots with another stating "Ignoring bad DLL and starting up anyway (you bone head)"

Is this another matter to deal with regarding Win10 and .dll files? My OS is up to date as of Sept 2020 and I wouldn't be here if my single SSD drive hadn't bit the dust on my shop laptop that was running Win7 offline. This really hurt me to the core btw

Also does it matter if the controller is an XboxOne? I think I will at least have to order a proper corded earlier model anyway.
But the controller I bought only has a few other features. I certainly can't get as far as to adjust the Vendor ID etc.

Best regards peeps.

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