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General Mach Discussion / mach3 download and setup
« on: November 02, 2019, 09:36:43 AM »
 :(I have been told that mach3 will not offer any advise on mach3 with an nvum controller.
I am in mach3 demo mode as directed by mach3 to try before I buy, which is very good advise and well taken.
I have a nvum controller I am now learning has problems with mach3. I prefer mach3 so can anyone please suggest a controller that works and plays well with mach3? 

General Mach Discussion / mach3 download and setup
« on: November 02, 2019, 08:43:29 AM »
I need some help with Mach3. I have a 1500 x1500 WorkBee with Nvum Mach3 controller.
1. Will it run on a laptop with Windows 10 and a 64 bit o/s processor?
    I have been told yes then no then yes then no and so forth.

2. When I load mach3 demo on my older Windows 7 32 bit laptop it seems to not show all the popups I have observed on tutorial videos posted on youtube.

3. After I have loaded the nvum software I can locate it, open it and extract it as instructed but I cannot get a successful transfer to the mach3 plugins. Yes, I have restarted my computer after changes made. No success.

I am not very computer literate. I have read and learned to make sure I am following instructions and have had no success. I have had a few on facebook attempt to assist with no success. I am at the point of major frustration and disappointment.
Is there any help? Can this be remotely resolved?

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