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I have run into a very serious problem with my MK6-M4 board. The Ethernet is very hard to connect and requires several cold boots for the connection to be made. I even setup a 5 second timer to power-up the board after everything settles down after main power is applied to the control panel and the issue still persists. Once the board comes up as connected, most I/O pins are erroneous and will remain this way until any I/O is triggered. At that point, all I/O' reset and all seems fine. The other issue that I'm facing is that some of my I/O's create a E-Stop or Halt state while others see the signal, displays the I/O's on the Plugin config screen and on the controller but doesn't halt the system. These issues seem to wander and are absolutely driving me crazy!

HELP....Pleased... HELP.

Thank you!

General Mach Discussion / Input pins Waltz!
« on: September 19, 2019, 11:47:11 PM »

I've run into a little problem with my prox switches and MACH3. The state requirements toggle...yes....toggle! What I mean is that I set the Active LOW setting and the status light goes off which is what I want. But shortly after at the same setting the status light went back on... then I swap the setting to Active HIGH and the status light goes off....which is what I want.... but shortly after... it changed again and I must change the setting back to Active LOW. This is with no obstruction in front of the prox therefore NO real output change. And all of this happens on more than one axis and keeps me from sleeping!!! Even the homing is messed-up.... all of my axis home except for X, it just reaches the home prox and stops, no OFF the switch function occurs. HELP!! :-\

I am currently using NPN NC Proxes, is that ok?

Thank you!

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