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I have been messing around with this upgrade for a few years now.  I Have AXYZ 4008 that I updated to a Mach3 control system.  All the axis work and move smoothly and I can start and stop the spindle.  So the basics seem to be good.  My problem is when I actually cut a job the machine does not run as smooth as it should.   For example it I do a profile cut of a circle it come out correct however when I do a pocket cut it will leave a "dent" at the start and stop point.  the remainder of the circle is ok.  While cutting the circle the machine will stop at ever 90 degree point.  Also if I do a pocket of a square the machine will leave "dent" at every direction change (at each corner).  I have changed CV settings and tried exact stop settings and nothing seems to make a difference.  I have looked at lots of videos of other Mach3 controlled machines and they don't seems to stop at the 90 degree mark on any movement.

I use VCarve Pro for the cad/cam and use the Mach2/3 arcs inch post processor. I am using a smooth stepper network adaptor to a break out board.

Should I upgrade to another more robust Mach3 controller?

General Mach Discussion / Are my settings causing the problem?
« on: July 28, 2019, 11:45:51 PM »
Quick background
Machine - Updated a AXYZ 4008 to use Mach3
Steps per inch - They appear to be correct.  A 36"x36" box is just that 36"x36".  Depth of cut is also correct.

See the attached image.

The bottom 2 engravings are done with a 15deg engraving bit.  The appear to have odd issues in the corners.  I tried different feed rates and depth of cuts.  Both look to have problems.  As a side note I get the same problems when using a 60 or 90deg v-bit. I believe the stepover was 40%.  IPM was set to 80 and 40 bottom then middle.

The top engraving is done with a 7.5deg engraving.  the corners do not have the odd extra cuts and the text doesn't look like a 2 year old wrote the script.  I think the IPM was set to 40.  Stepp over was 40%.

Any ideas?

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