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General Mach Discussion / Ref all home does nothing?
« on: June 19, 2019, 12:15:45 PM »
I would appreciate some help/direction as how to get my Ref All Home to work.

I've been using mach 3 on my cnc mill for 3 years or so. I've just had to change out the computer and reinstall Mach 3 and copied in my XML file for the mill. Everything seems to work fine except the ref all home button. When pressed it does not move to the home switches, it zero'ed the x and y in machine co-ordinates but not the z.

i re-installed mach 3 again with the same result.

I didn't have any problems 3 years ago after the doing the normal configuration.

I had a look at the button script (here I'm getting into unfamiliar territory) which is:
DoButton( 24 )
DoButton( 23 )
DoButton( 22 )
DoButton( 25 )


I found some info online and added at the end of this script:
While IsMoving
  Code "G53 G0 Z-10"
  Code "G53 G0 Z10"
  Code "G53 G0 Z10"
  While IsMoving

I don't know enough to understand the above and it did not work, it moved each axis a short distance, and zero'd the mach co-ordinates.

I've no idea whats going on.

Thanks in advance.


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