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General Mach Discussion / Trying to install a bit probe
« on: August 29, 2019, 04:58:47 PM »
Hello all, I am still a beginner at using my CNC saw. I was helped greatly by this forum to actually now have my DIY saw up and running and having a been able to have many cuts under my belt.
I benefited from those on this forum on wiring and configuration besides helping me change some hardware.
I am using a ethernet Smoothstepper  controller board with BOB being MB3. I also have the latest build for Mach3. I am running my Mach3 software on a windows 10 version.
Back in late March and end of April is when I got the saw up and running, this issued me into learning layout and design and what to expect with different bits.
What I am trying to figure out how to configure is I want to use a bit height set plate. I will use many different bits for each project and up to now have to manually set each bits Z axis to 0. I have been lead to believe from watching some You Tubes that Mach 3 has the capability to us a Bit Plate for quick easy zero depth setting. I wrote a email to support but there response was to just use the probe connection. I understand that you can use that but no setup area for putting in the height of the plate to be able to give you zero on Z.
If anyone could steer me in the right direction on how to configure this will be mucho appreciated. I am also going to post the picture of my Z axis bit setting plate.
Thanks Tim

Hello everyone, I just have to say sorry for any stupid questions I have but am not be able to move forward with my project without some answers from experienced knowledgeable folks. I also must add an apology but from reading through many of your post on your forum that many do not like the China made components which I am guilty of purchasing. My project started from buying some persons DIY plans but found out after building the structure of the CNC that none the components still existed and had to shop for like kind updated parts. The plans always called for a MACH3 USB (only) interface board. The MACH3 support page on installation and setup which I have read twice seems to only talk about setup for parallel port interface breakout boards. This is where my understanding is very limited and questions are about connecting the stepper drivers and limit/home switches.
 My desktop unit I am using that is 2.5 GHZ with WIN10 home.
 Interface board is named BL-UsbMach V2.1 5 Axis.
 3ea DM860A Microstep stepper drivers.
 3ea power supplies.
 3ea Nema 34 Bi-polar motors.
 I have loaded the MACH3 software with no hickups and did the re-boot after intall. After spending a hr trying to find the Driver Test .exe Only to finally read that its not avaiable for ethernet or USB connections.
 The interface board developers send you config docs but many things do not make logical sense like Pin in / Out. They use same pin# for XYZ. I can only get X motor to operate and this is probably my issue but not sure.
 The Limit / Home switches have been wired with 2 switches on each axis of XYZ hooked in series with shielded grounded wires. I again was thinking each set needed to be hooked up on interface board each having there own pin# but after reading seems there is a better way of hooking to interface board.
 I have no need or desire to hookup my spindle motor since it came with separate power and speed control. I just trying to connect XYZ / Limit/Home switches and config the MACH3 software.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Will add the 2 PDFs that came with interface board, I did not use there MACH3 software though but have downloaded the demo version from ArtSoft website.

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