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Hi I am totally lost trying to work out the settings for the motor tuning...hoping someone might be able to help.
I am unable to find/translate the needed information to make the calculations needed to enter the values for the xyz motor tuning profile section.

I have Delta ASD-B2-0721-B 750w servo drives and motors using Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission.

If anyone has any experience with these or able to provide some help finding and working out the values I would very much appreciate it as I am getting creaking noises on my x axis and high pitch squeels on my y and z axis.


Mach3 and G-Rex / Set z axis to zero with pen or pencil inserted in mill
« on: January 05, 2019, 07:11:26 AM »
Hi All

Just wanting to know if and how to set z manually in mach3 before running the gcode.
I want to insert a pen or a pencil set zero and run the gcode, I have the auto zero feature with the sensor but I dont believe that will work with a non metalic tip in the router, so is it possible to lower the z axis and set the 0 height before running a job. I am new to mach3 and just crushed 1 pencil testing :P so thought i would ask

Hope it makes sense


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