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General Mach Discussion / Code for Belleville-Sprung Tool Change
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:37:39 PM »
Hello again, friends!

Need some advice on coding a macro to execute quick tool changes on my mill with a homebrew power drawbar.

Enco 91002 run by Mach3 via ESS. I have the drawbar under tension with a stack of Belleville springs, and a stationary bolt at the top of the spindle that compresses the stack at full retraction of the z-axis. The mechanics work fine, I just need to figure out how to ignore the Z-home switch the quill trips as it makes the trip up. Other than letting it hit the home switch and resetting via DoOEMButton(1021) or similar, is there an easy way to code a movement to machine coords while ignoring a home switch signal? Is OemButton (150) useful here?


General Mach Discussion / Reversing DRO Direction
« on: January 02, 2019, 10:29:17 AM »
BLUF: I am trying to figure out how to reverse the DRO direction in MACH 3 so that moving the table to the left (tool to the right) results in a positive DRO movement rather than a negative.

Sorry if this as been addressed, but the search functionality is letting me down...

I have an Enco 91002 converted to CNC, running (SolidWorks) to (CamBam) to (Ethernet Smooth Stepper) to (G540). The way it is currently set up a table move left or towards me is a negative movement on the DRO, and right or away from me is a positive movement. I would prefer this to be reversed. I have been able to do this by changing the "scale" for the X and Y to "-1.0", but I would prefer a non-temporary solution. My Z axis behaves fine, down is negative, up is positive.

My first milling experience was on manual machines, first dials then a DRO that behaves like I want. My preference would be that my CNC VMC behaves the same, and my jobs aren't cut rotated 180* on the table.

Haven't seen a setting I can change (other than scale) to do this. Do y'all have the answer, por favor???

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