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Found a Youtube video, where a guy with Linux CNC just flipp a Part, programmed automated probing in his Gcode and set not only the zero also the Angle of the Workpiece with G10.

Code: [Select]
#1111 = [[#1021+#1031]/2 - [#1051+#1061]/2] ; dx
#1112 = [[#1022+#1032]/2 - [#1052+#1062]/2] ; dy
#1113 = [ATAN[-#1111]/[#1112]]       ; dr
#1114 = #[5210+20*#5220]            ; current r
G10 L2 P0 R[#1113+#1114]

Seems this "R" is Linux CNC specific and can not be done with Mach4?
As I understood, Mach 4 can only set the work zero after automated probing and can not compensate an angle?

At least it is not listed in machs G-Code reference?

Mach4 General Discussion / Mach 4 and ATC
« on: December 29, 2018, 03:10:48 AM »

The Search in Forum is Broken (error message) and the google links to the forum are also all broken (maybe URL or Forum change?).

I evaluate to use Mach 4 for one of my CNC, but I can not find out weather it is possible to use the automatic tool changer with length sensor or not.
Seems there is a Script editor in "Operator" -> "Edit Scripts" -> "M6", but I am not able to find any example script for using this for a Toolchanger.

Any Tips where to start?
Has anyone got Mach 4 working with a Toolchanger?

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