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General Mach Discussion / Light curtain implementation
« on: October 23, 2018, 04:19:28 PM »

Long time reader, first time posting, or asking to be precise.
I have learned so much on this forum, so i want to first and foremost thank you all for all the great discussions, and all the enthusiasm you guys have.
It is a great community and i am glad to become an official part of it.
Now on to the problem at hand.
I recently did a stud welder modification (still in progress) and i am asked to install a light curtain, machine already came with device SICK - FGS 300.
Long story short i need some assistance in setting up a stop, other than E-stop, i know how to implement E-stop but reseting each time after changing work piece would just be tedious,
on the other hand i need machine to stop movement, when light beam is interrupted.
In all honesty i have no idea how to approach this problem, on my parallel port breakout board i have 1 empty input, but i am not sure how to set the MACH3 to stop or prevent motors from movement, and also possibly prevent feed to proceed so DRO is correct.
I did search on the forum, and only found partial answer and it was hard to understand.
So if someone has any ideas, or helpful suggestions, i would be grateful


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