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General Mach Discussion / Newbie setting up Mach3 with ESS smoothstepper
« on: September 22, 2018, 08:16:50 PM »
Hi everyone,

I am currently building a CNC router and can not get the electronics to work.

I have a Longs Motor kit with a 1205 BOB and DM542a drivers and have wired everything according to the schematic they sent me (i have also seen this wiring work for other people). I have installed Mach3 Demo on my Windows7 64 bit PC, and I am using an ESS smoothstepper to drive the system.

The result is,
-the correct LED's are flashing on the ESS (top green LED is solid, bottom green LED blinks about 10 times per second, red LED lights up when estop is pressed). Mach3 says it detects the ESS upon startup.
-In Mach3 I am able to jog the axes, but I notice on the Diagnostics screen the Port 1 pins do not change to green when I am jogging.
-I checked the current at the BOB output pins, and it does not change when I jog the axes in Mach3
-the stepper motor drivers will not turn on (the green LED should be on)

I'm a complete newbie, but from what i understand Mach3 should be sending a signal through the ESS then the BOB that will enable the stepper drivers. I'm not sure what to change or what i am doing wrong but i hope it will be obvious to someone on this forum. It is pretty frustrating to be so close to completion of my build and yet be so far lol

I have attached some of photos of my wiring and mach3 settings.

Thanks in advance!


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