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General Mach Discussion / Steps per unit strange trouble
« on: August 30, 2018, 04:22:39 PM »
Hi all,

I have been using Mach3 for 6 years now and have had no big troubles with it, all has worked well with a little help from the manual or by reading others questions and answers. But 2 weeks ago, I change the motor drivers of my CNC router and also made a change from inches to millimeters in my configuration, and now I am having a very confusing trouble....

I calculated and configured my steps per unit and the machine is acting very strange, you will see, to fine tune the steps, I have sent to cut 6 small squares of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm but the smaller ones are cut a little small and the bigger ones are cut bigger and bigger. Below you will find a small table with the measurements I have got in my last attempt to calibrate.

Sent square       Dim X          Dim Y
10x10                 9.89            9.89
20x20               19.92           19.97
30x30               29.93           30.08
40x40               39.98           40.1
50x50               50.03           50.25
60x60               60.15           60.3

As I understand, all the measurements should be smaller or bigger by the same proportion (or ideally, correct!), but I am having some small and as the piece gets bigger, then the measurement is bigger and bigger......

If i adjust the steps per unit to obtain a 10 mm cut from a 10 mm drawing or gCode instruction, all the rest of the squares are each one bigger than the previous an the same happens inversely, if I adjust to get a 60 mm cut from a 60 mm gCode, all the rest of the squares are each one smaller than the previous one and if I adjust to get a 30 mm cut from a 30 mm gCode, the smaller cuts are increasingly small and the bigger ones are increasingly big

I have double and triple checked the diameter of the endmill, I have used Aspire to generate the gCode an have write it by myself, and made any other kind of revisions and the results are always the same and consistent, I really hope that someone could help me sending some light in this confusing results.

Thank you for your time and knowledge!!!

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