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I already asked this with no answer.
I built ATC which works on its own, communicating with MACH3 by serial comm only, not hardware.
I made it send back text strings with every action or error.
I wrote it all inside M6Start and it works great, BUT...
1. The only place I can direct text to is 'message'. I didn't find anything else.
2. If I run the macro by itself, all my text IS SHOWING on the message line (see pic MYMESSAGE). HOWEVER, MACH runs the macro the 'message' show constantly "Press CycleStart after Tool Change".

a) Why?
b) Can I get ANOTHER label or text control so I can show my messages there?

Otherwise the ATC works well. MACH3 is config on "Stop Spindle and Press Cycle Start" but I added DoButtonOEM(1000) and it does the job.


As seasoned VB programmer I was HOPING I can find suitable controls on user screen, but found just few, or I can't find other.
I have text strings coming over RS-232 comm with MACH using VB macro, and I wish to see them on the screen, like in VB textbox, label, and other textual controls.
I can't find "user controls", such as LABEL with ref num, so I can direct text from the macro to that label (or text box).
LABEL seems to ask for explicit text and has no ref number, same for DRO (fixed ref to some functions), couldn't find other text-looking controls.
To make it clear:
If i get text string like "ABC" into string variable in VB like ST, I wish to direct it to my control. LIke in VB I can send it to my textbox like text1.text=ST

It doesn't exists or I just didn't find it?

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