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General Mach Discussion / Changing Spindle Speed
« on: July 10, 2018, 02:31:23 PM »
I am trying to change my spindle speed very often in my gcode (every second line) and that results in random feed accelerations and decelerations.
It seems as though the gcode execution almost stops at times.
When I look at the current line I often notice that it jumps to previous lines and then forward again.
What is going on?

Here is a code snippet :

( w gti)
#1001 = 178.29 (diametri i jashtëm)
#1002 = 65.4366 (diametri i mbrendshëm)
#1003 =  23.324 (x ZRef)
#1003 = -5.86 (z ZRef)
#1004 = 0.2 (rrezja e thikës)
#1005 =  0.1 (thellësia e prerjes)
G90 G18 G1
M3 S500 F100
G4 P4
(piket e zhvendosura per 0.1)
X178.3216  Z-2.2013
S499.78  F99.96
X178.2216  Z-2.168
S500.48  F100.1
X178.0105  Z-2.1033
S501.98  F100.4
X65.4202  Z-11.3926
S1300.12  F260.02
S500 F200

I am in need of every suggestion that might help me.

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