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General Mach Discussion / Losing Config's After Computer Re-Starts
« on: May 14, 2019, 05:57:17 PM »
Hi everyone, my first post and a total Newbie.

I'm a Teacher in a High School that has taken over a Manufacturing class that doesn't have a whole lot of toys in it. One of the toys is a Red Cam CNC machine. One of the first things I did was get it repaired and running. The Red Cam employee took the control box and changed the hook up from a parallel port to a USB port.

When the guy from Red Cam came back, he also ran the machine to see if it works. It ran beauty till we turned off the computer. The Mach 3 still ran but lost all its information for the configs. We tried it again, and the same thing happened. When this info was lost, it also affected the CNC - which was no movement from the machine.

At this point, I used my personal Laptop to install Mach 3 and get the CNC running again. Speaking with the Red Cam employee on the phone for the settings, it ran smooth....till I had to shut off my Laptop (ThinkPad - 32bit - Windows 10). The same thing happened with my Laptop, the settings had all disappeared and the CNC wouldn't move or work.

I've looked at the Mach3 XML file and the box is unchecked for Read Only.

It's the most frustrating thing, as the students are eager to use the machine and have seen it in action. The Red Cam guy has pretty much said it's the Laptop and the Desktop computers (he says they both must use a deep freeze software?? which they don't have).....so I'm stuck trying to figure this out to get it up and running. Being new to all this, it's extremely difficult.

I'm really hoping someone can help and point us in the right direction. It's such an opportunity for these kids to experience running the CNC and hope we can get them there.


Hi everyone....first post!

I'm a Manufacturing Teacher that was giving a Redcam CNC GR-Series table and Router. The problem I'm having is the CNC machine is not recognizing the Mach 3 software or computer. I can fire up the CNC, but there is no manual movement and/or movement from the Mach 3 software and/or the computer.

Also, just to add....the computer that runs the CNC machine was replaced about 2 months ago, and hasn't been used since then.

I've emailed Redcam and no response back yet.

Just wondering if anyone has any help, advice or tips on how to get the CNC up and running like it use to :)

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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