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General Mach Discussion / Problems with ref all home
« on: May 01, 2018, 10:48:07 AM »
I have a small cnc router with a 4 axis setup using slaved motors to run the gantry. Was using a gecko 540 and an ess, recently replaced the g540 with a leadshine mx4660. Love how much quieter and smoother the new drives are.

I'm having an issue when homing, the slave axis isn't coming off the switch. Single switch on each axis, just for homing. When I hit ref all home it homes the z, then the y which is the one that is slaved, the the x. It zeroes all 3 axes, then an error pops up in the status window to the effect of "requested home axis is active please fix then home".

If I watch the gantry the slave stops when the switch triggers, but never pulls back off the switch. This is really obvious since I use hall effect switches so there is a pretty good overlap between where it triggers and where it goes back off.

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