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General Mach Discussion / Newbie In Need Of Help On Where To Start
« on: April 24, 2018, 12:17:46 PM »
Hey all,

My shop recently pre ordered a cross fire cnc plasma cutter and are looking to start getting everything ready for its arrival. The person in charge has not had much experience with plasma cutters so this will all be new to them. A few questions I have for the community...

1) Can I run mach 3 only or do I need another software to support different functions?
2) What are the best CAD programs for this set up that jive with mach 3 the best?
3) Are there any websites or any direction someone can point us in where we could learn the basics from setting up, programming and everything in the middle.

Like I said this is a new machine for us and with very little experience we are reaching out to many different places for help with anything related.

Thanks in advance!

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