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Mach4 General Discussion / Mouse MPG question
« on: January 01, 2020, 08:53:09 AM »
Can the resolution of the mouse MPG be changed permanently? The default is 0.01, would like to change it to 0.002. I use a wireless mouse to set the Z axis on the work (with a piece of shim stock) and am always changing it to the finer resolution on the screen. Eventually I’ll get or make a probe setup, but this works for now for this newbie.

Mach4 General Discussion / Zeroing and extents
« on: December 24, 2019, 07:59:23 AM »
Relative newbie here running Mach4 hobby to UC100 to Gecko G540. With Mach in the disabled condition,  machine at xyz=0 and displays zeroed, when I load gcode, often times the extents are off or based on the last program I ran. To correct this I have to close Mach an on restarting and reloading desired gcode, the extents are now correct. Is there something I’m doing wrong here to not be able to zero the machine and get the extents correct with gcode loaded? It’s almost like the last values are cached....

Mach4 General Discussion / On the cheap MPG workaround?
« on: December 14, 2018, 01:15:01 PM »
 I find myself using mouse move quite a bit as a beginner to position the spindle mostly for engraving in M4 hobby. I use a wireless mouse and a piece of known shim stock to position the Z axis with mouse move set to 0.001 resolution. Not quite a MPG...but it helps a lot since the computer is like 3’ away from the CNC chassis. Then I had the idea if the mouse move screen were like 3X bigger, and had buttons for 0.001, 0.01 and 0.1”, resolution, it would function like a quick-and-dirty MPG I could easily see. As a member of the approaching senior set, large is better when it comes to viewing screens. With a button in the window for the probe, one could even use it to find positions directly if using metal. I opened the lua for the mouse move wizard and did not see anything obvious to resize the window...but my lua programming experience is a big zero. As a start, is there an easy way to resize the mouse move wizard window? BTW I have dual monitors.

Mach4 General Discussion / Cannot see tool path in mach4 hobby
« on: April 29, 2018, 08:00:50 PM »
I'm a complete noob and beginner at this.... So I got my retrofitted Isel gantry running with Gecko G540, and the UC100 port interface on Mach4 hobby. I tried loading some of the G code files like the roadrunner which I believe has a .tap extension. Am I missing something that I cannot see the tool path? I hit the compile tool path button and it shows the compiling pop up, but no tool path. Code ran just fine on the gantry... 

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