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Hello everyone, I have a problem with Mach3 that I can not solve.
I'm trying to make my machine change the speed of the spindle at a certain point in a straight line.
I will give an example for better understanding:
I have to make a straight line of 1000 mm and at 700 mm I need to vary the speed of the spindle from 800 to 400 rpm.
Since in the same line I can not place two different S's I have divided the line into two lines, leaving the code like this:
M3 s800
g01 x700
g01 x1000
The problem is that when I split the line, the machine decelerates when it reaches the x700 and accelerates again to continue to the point x1000, creating a stop that I have to avoid.
I have also done a test without the S code to see if the movement was continuous but it has not worked either.
My look ahead is configured for 150 lines.
If someone could tell me what could be happening, I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you!!

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