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I just resolved an issue with an MS Window 7 security update (KB4088875) that was causing the parallel port to reboot the PC and I'm asking whether anyone else ran into this problem or has any additional info.

The problem manifested itself just like what's described in the documentation when you neglected to immediately reboot after a Mach3 installation. The security update was published on 3/13 and the MS page indicates a number of known issues that they say are being resolved. The PC did the same thing when running Driver Test - rebooted as the driver was 'taking over.'

I removed the update and then removed Mach3, including manually removing the driver, and then I reinstalled Mach3. Runs fine now (but I have to reenter all the settings).

I have a Dell Optiplex 780 with a second parallel port, Win7, Norton Security, but very little else on the platform as this PC is dedicated to the mill.

Comments welcome!

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