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G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Cirkles in Mach 3 Problem
« on: November 19, 2017, 10:55:20 AM »
im new here (and with programming G code). We learned G code in school about 9 year ago now i have a small cnc mill and start experimenting.

Today i wanted to mill  a round portion into a square piece of material.  G code look like that:
G17 G90 F200;
G01 x-14 y-20;
G01 Z-16;
G01 Y0;
G02 X-14 Y0 I14 J0;
G01 x-13.5;
G02 X-13.5 Y0 I13.5 J0;
G01 x-13;
G02 X-13 Y0 I13 J0;
G01 x-12.5;
G02 X-12.5 Y0 I12.5 J0;
G01 x-12;
G02 X-12 Y0 I12 J0;
G01 x-11.5;
G02 X-11.5 Y0 I11.5 J0;
G01 x-11;
G02 X-11 Y0 I11 J0;
G01 x-10.5;
G02 X-10.5 Y0 I10.5 J0;
G01 x-10;
G02 X-10 Y0 I10 J0;
G01 x-9.5;
G02 X-9.5 Y0 I9.5 J0;
G01 x-9.1;
G02 X-9.1 Y0 I9.1 J0;

I tried this G code on several simulator and it looked good.
My Mach 3 somehow made an egg out of the circles.

Sadly im not very experienced in Mach 3.
Could you guys please help me? Whats wrong? Settings, G code?

Thanks  in advance

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