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General Mach Discussion / Backlash on X axis changes to A axis
« on: October 23, 2017, 08:22:38 AM »
Hi there! This is my firs post, excuse me if i'm postint in the wrong section... :)

I have some backlash in my CNC, and I don't know exactly what happens to the machine and what I have to do. The machine is 2 months old, and has been working perfectly since a couple of weeks ago.

The X axis of my CNC has two stepper motors (X and A) and has ballscrews in all the axis. When I move the machine along the X direction, it turns back aprox 6mm on the A stepper motor and then it goes to the correct direction. This happens the 95% of times I try to move it with the software, and it happens at every point of the table (600 x 600mm). If I change the Stepper motor speed the backlash is alwais the same. Both stepper motors of the X axis have the same speed and parameters, so I don't know what can be wrong. I was carving a little piece of soft wood and when I was moving the machine to take of the piece of wood I discover that backlash.

What makes me crazy is that I've tried to change the plug connection between X and A Stepper motors in the electrical box, and after do that, the backlash changes from A to X axis. This make me think that maybe there is some software issue that makes that problem on my CNC instead of beeing some mechanical problem, but I don't know what to do. I've reinstalled Mach3, and reloaded my original parameters in the machine but the problem goes on. I've also sent the electrical box to the seller and they told me that they checked it and everything it's ok. Now, before sending the whole machine with the electrical box and the laptop to the seller I want to try if there is something that I can do to solve this. Can someone tell me something to do?

Thank you so much and excuse my poor english  :)


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