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VB and the development of wizards / Control micro servo with Macro
« on: October 27, 2017, 02:07:50 PM »
Hi guys, i am trying to develop a mechanical tool changer, but i am stuck at the following point, i need to control a micro servo using an output
from my motion controller. I tried to write a code, like this, to try creating a "pulse":

Code: [Select]
Sub Advance_Servo()
Dim i As Integer
i = 0
While i<10
End Sub

This is creating a square wave in the oscilloscope, but it's so weird, really weird.

The pulses are not in the programmed time. Is this the motion controller, or macro's just can't create a nice waveform ?

This is my servo:

VB and the development of wizards / Auto tool zero script problems
« on: October 27, 2017, 01:55:38 PM »
Hello guys, i am working on this code, for my custom build height presseter. The hardware is good, i checked everything.

But, the macro is producing different results than i would expect, first.. i thought that with G31 the probe would stop when
it hits the copper circle i have connected with a wire, but it doesn't, it's working like a G1, nothing different.

I'll put the code below
Code: [Select]
Dim preset(2)
preset(0) = -294.4045 'X
preset(1) = -16.6935 'Y
preset(2) = -279 'Z

Dim preset_feed As Integer
preset_feed = 4000

Dim safe_z As Integer
safe_z = -150

If IsSafeZ() Then
Call MsgBox("SafeZ desabilitado" & Chr(10) & "Programa serĂ¡ parado", 0, "Alerta")
Exit Sub
End If

Call Preset_Tool()

Function Preset_Tool()
Code("G53 G0 X" & preset(0) & "Y" & preset(1))
While IsMoving()
Code("G31 Z" & preset(2) & "F" & preset_feed)
While IsMoving()
Dim presseted_tool_z As Double
presseted_tool_z = GetVar(2002)
SetToolParam(1, 2, presseted_tool_z)
While IsMoving()
End Function

Can anyone point me what i am doing wrong ?

General Mach Discussion / Soft limits causing other problems
« on: October 24, 2017, 11:19:02 PM »
Hello i am in the process of configuring my recently build machining center, that is why i am posting so often in the forum.

I was having some problems with my z height getting messed up after the program ended, as stated here:

Question 2.

So i found a user that is having a similar problem with the part being offset at an axis and also discovered my Y work coordinate was
getting messed up too after the program ending. as stated below:


In the message he discovers the problem:

I figured it out!!!!!!   It was all my fault....go figure huh.  A bit embarrassing but anyways here is what I did and where I went wrong.
To begin, I was frustrated and decided to completely start over from the beginning as far as my setup on the mill and homing everything.  So as I was tearing everything apart I realized I may have  had the stock fixtured too far to the limits of my table.   I re positioned the stock, homed/zerod as you guys had advised and air tested.  No more weird offset!! I believe what was happening when the machine started, was it ran up against the soft limits and took off from there essentially resetting itself to an offset that would allow it to do its job just in a slightly different location.  When I would stop the program and push return to zero it would go to its "new zero" .   Now that I have it re-positioned I fired it up live, it has been running correctly for the last 1/2 hour and throwin chips like a dream.   What a relief.
So for now I would say that the Fusion Cam is good, no bugs.   I will leave the MDI alone.  How do I leave G28 in without it crashing?  It goes straight up past the limit and crashes.
Thank you again  @gearsoup and @daniel_lyall.

He said something about soft limits messing up his work offset, so i decided to give a try,
i went there changed my soft limits values and suddenly my part was not being offset the program ended.
I got really surprised, but it got me curious, i was really configuring my soft limits the wrong way.

It made me realize two things:
1) I made a mistake with the values i inserted in the soft limits page.
2) I was having a problem that limit switch was being triggered when it hit home while "Ref All home"

So i thought this could be the problem, the first thought i am sure it's true, the second not so sure, because i didn't test yet.

My system home switches(zeros) are located to give my only negative coordinates.

X axis: zero at the extreme right, so to the left only negative coordinates. 400mm to the left
Y axis: zero at the extreme front, so backwards only negative coordinates. 330mm backwards
Z axis: zero on the top, so down only negative coordinates. 315mm down

I attached my problematic configuration as "softlimit.png"
And then attached what solved my problem as "softlimitsolved.png"

As you can see, i only change the soft max and it completely fixes the problem, the guy from the thread at autodesk website, tries to explain it as:

No more weird offset!! I believe what was happening when the machine started, was it ran up against the soft limits and took off from there essentially resetting itself to an offset that would allow it to do its job just in a slightly different location.

Does this check ?

General Mach Discussion / Remove BKSPACE from Hotkeys
« on: October 20, 2017, 11:32:40 AM »
Hello, i have a few questions about some hotkeys and some minor stuff that may be silly, but for me it isn't:

1) Given the title, we're so used to press BKSPACE to erase some wrong typed characters that i do that so often
and my emergency goes on. Is there a way to remove this shortcut to ESTOP from the BKSPACE ?

2) If there is a way, can we also erase characters we type like... in MDI ?

3) Also my resolution is 1080p(Monitor), MACH3 window seens just so weird and small, is there a way to make it better?

I think for now, this is more urgent.

General Mach Discussion / Mach 3 China MPG problem
« on: October 19, 2017, 01:34:09 PM »
Hi guys, i built a cnc machining center for aluminum and bought this jog controller:

It works really well, but something really weird happened yersteday.

I was jogging the -z axis to reach the part so i could offset my endmill, my G0 speed is 15m/min,
but i set 10% of jog speed to reach the part, so i can go really slow and touch the part.

So there was i holding the button, suddenly it advanced like if it was in 100% feedrate and crashed
my endmill in the aluminum part, at first i thought i pressed something, but it happened again
some other times... this is really annoying because i am scared of pressing the jog button,
afraid it will crash everytime.

Is a calibration problem ? Does anyone went through something similar ?

Post Processors / Mastercam 2017 Post Processor
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:19:40 PM »
Hello, i am in need of the post processor for this version. I downloaded the generic artsoft provided mach 3 post processor, but when i try to use it, it says it needs to be updated.

When i try to update i get the message on the attached image. Anyone can help ?

VB and the development of wizards / Doubts about M6 macro
« on: October 04, 2017, 07:43:45 AM »
Hello guys, it's my first post around here. I have some questions concerning the M6 macro and i'll be pointing them below:

1) When the M6 macro finishes, let's say my custom M6 finishes in a safe Z position, it will automatically return to the original position it left on my part to make the change ?

And this command here plays what part in the code to return to the original position?
Code: [Select]
x = GetToolChangeStart(0) 'X igual a 0
y = GetToolChangeStart(1) 'Y igual a 0
z = GetToolChangeStart(2) 'Z igual a 0
a = GetToolChangeStart(3) 'A igual a 0

2) When the M6 is called, the cycle that i am running stops ? If it does, i need to write something to call for a cycle start in the end of the M6 custom macro or it will automatically resume the part ?

3) In my custom M6 i am using an OUTPUT of my BREAKOUT BOARD to let the program know if there is a tool loaded already in the SPINDLE, but i see some flaws that i would like to point:

- To activate the OUTPUT,  the function that loads the tool in M6 macro needs to be run a first time
DOWNSIDE: If there is already a tool in the spindle, it will end crashing. Likewise, if i accidentally turn off the machine, i will need to remove the tool..

Why the machine needs to load the first tool? Because i have a mechanical unloader/loader, so some positions/tightening torque needs to be in "phase", so the arm will take care of both unload and load.

So i am wondering, is there a way to mark deep down in mach memory, in a variable or anything else that a tool has already been loaded?

To that solution there is already a flaw, if with the machine off i remove the tool from the spindle, it will think there is a tool there, BUT it will try to unload a non existing tool so it won't crash (SAFER)

So there is a way ?

4) Let's say i have the following structure:

Code: [Select]
Sub Main()

Dim NewTool As Integer
Dim OldTool As Integer

        OldTool = GetOEMDRO(1200)
NewTool = GetSelectedTool()

If NewTool = OldTool Then
Exit Sub
End If

If IsActive(OUTPUT1) Then
Call Unload_Tool
Call Load_Tool
End If

End Sub

Function Unload_Tool()
End Function

Function Load_Tool()
End Function

I presume it will work like this:
- It will check first if the tool CALLED is equal to the tool IN USE.
- If it is, then it will exit the M6 macro.

Or it will work like this:
-  It will check first if the tool CALLED is equal to the tool IN USE.
-  If it is, it will exit the MAIN SUB and push forward the macro calling one function after the other.

Which one ?

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