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Been using Mach3 ~ 3 months to run an Emco compact 5 CNC through Parallel port on Win7 PC using the Gecko G540 4-axis controller.

Now my CNC needs are more serious and I have a need of CNC threading with this lathe and need something very robust .. rather than attempt to set up threading through Mach3, I decided to upgrade to Mach4...

Only to find the Parallel Port driver Darwin does NOT allow lathe threading of any kind ?!?!


How can I take advantage of Mach4 lathe threading with my hard ware? Do I need to ditch the Gecko G540 for a more modern controller ? Is there a proven break out board or interface cable that people are using for lathe threading with the G540 and Mach4 ? I am also using Cnc4Pc index pulse card between the encoder and bob.

I should add: I want to be able to use 2 pulses (timing and index pulse) for threading, otherwise isn't it the same as using mach3 single pulse per revolution , and I should just stick with mach3...

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