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General Mach Discussion / Mill Spindle Speed Control - DC Motor
« on: August 18, 2017, 04:27:18 AM »

I have recently purchased a 1984 Denford Triac. This was marketed as a "desktop" mill. It is larger and heavier than I would put on my desktop. It has 300mm X travel and weighs 250kg

I am in the process of replacing the existing under powered (1/2 Hp) spindle motor with something with more power and torque. The original motor is AC and I am replacing it with a DC servo motor manufactured by callantechnology.com I am looking at the 746W (1Hp) M4-2950 B which uses 0-10VDC for speed control. I will also need a DC Drive - Speed Controller, something like the Parker 507 (http://ph.parker.com/us/en/dc-motor-speed-controller-dc506-507-508-series).

I have a C11 NC board (cnc4pc.com) and a USB SmoothStepper BOB (warp9td.com). I am planning on using either Mach3 or Mach4.

My question is

How does Mach3/4 control the motor speed. I am guessing that Mach3/4 sends 0-10VDC to the DC drive which then sends it on to the motor. I would appreciate some detail of how this works. I have solid mechanical background but limited electrical experience.

I would appreciate some advice on a suitable DC drive for the motor. I have not found one that matches the motor specs which are: 115V, 10A, 0-500RPM. Power input is single phase 230V 15A



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