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I have installed a CNC4PC C11G board and set up Mach3 as per the C11GS R1.5 Mach 3 settings (the boards are largely the same and there were no Mach 3 settings in the C11G r9 manual. )

Spindle turns on no problem with an M3 command and I can vary the speed but the spindle rotates slower when I increase the speed in mach 3 and goes faster when I decrease the speed in Mach3. The voltages on the 0-10v pin that connects to VI on my spindle go up when decreasing speed and go down when increasing speed - ie backwards to what they are supposed to. I am sure I just have a setting incorrect or some terminals incorrect.

Any ideas where to look? I am stumped   

Using a Huanyang VFD

I am building a router and have installed some 12v SN04 NPN NO proximity switches for limits that appear to have 10k internal pullup resistors (measure 10k between signal and +12v - black and brown leads).

The switches are powered by a 12v tap from the board, the board powered by a 24v regulated switching supply

My KL1212 board reads 5v on the inputs. I assume directly hooking up the 12v limits may fry the inputs on the board so with a bit of trial and error using resistors from my stash at my shop I have installed resistors from signal to ground that pull the signal voltage to nearly exactly 5v when the sensor not tripped, but when tripped there is about 0.7v as opposed to 0v as a low value.

I am a bit green when it comes to the inductive switches (I have used simple mechanical limits on other machines) and I am not sure how Mach determines hi and low values in terms of tripping limits in the software but I assume perfect would be 5v for hi and 0v for low but is there any leeway? Will the 0.7v reliably trip the limits as a low value? The 0.7v low voltage did not seem to appreciably change with subtle changes to the resistor values that kept the 5v reasonably in line, so I opted to use values that got me as close as possible to the board input voltage before attaching the limits.

I know I could use other components to get more perfect switching but am curious if this will work as is in Mach?


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