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Trying to get contact probe working.
CNC 4 Axis 6040 router. Mach3 Gecko G540 controller.
I had my control box rebuilt with more stable power supplies and a G540 controller. Now I can't get the contact probe to work. I've tried every suggestion offered in various forums to people with the exact same problem but still not working. I'm told that pin 13 is the active one for the probe. 'Auto set' under pins and ports cannot find the probe when the 2 parts are in contact. Move the pin to 15 and under diagnostics, the 'digital' square is lit. No mater what I do, it doesn't blink and Auto Set cannot find it.

I found a vidio from a fellow calling himself GruBrew who shows you how to insert some VB code into Mach3 to make a contact probe work. That didn't work either. Should I be upgrading to Mach4 and Windows 10 to fix this problem? Presently I'm using Windows xp Pro which seems that everything else works as it should except perhaps I can't use limit switches either.

All help gratefull accepted.

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