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Had Mach3 through LPT talking to BOB.  No issues other than old PC dying.  So, New PC Win 7 / 64Bit.  Purchased UC100 from CNCDrive.  Installed all drivers and adjusted plugins.  I can control the XYZ through JOG, but the input switches are now ignored completely. Checked the Config Pins/Ports: IN on 13,12,15 like before.  When I put metal onto limits, the switch light comes on but the UC100 diag and the MACH diag page don't indicate switches at all.  The Mach3 shows all switches closed, even when they are not.  Please help.

PS, to get it to Jog, either disable limits or reverse input polarities.  but the limit activations don't make ANY of the indicator lights switch.

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