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Mach3 under Vista / Slaved axis concern
« on: December 14, 2018, 02:50:54 PM »
Not a pressure matter but any s feedback will be appreciated  my only question Is  that I have “a” axis slaved to “y”axis they run parallel on each side of my plasma table but I noticed that my “a” stepper doesn’t “stiffen” like  “y” does (or any other of my step mottoes for that matter) when I’m motion so there's a bit of wiggle on the movements where axis “a” is, I can actually push on it and it will move , it seems like “y”  is doing the entire movements alone all my settings are the same on both axis and I tested the step motors separately they both work . Is this normal or am I missing something here?
Thanks for the help

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 looks weird and torch won't fire
« on: June 14, 2018, 03:33:19 PM »
Hello there, its been a while since I posted on here I just need a bit of help,We have a plasma table that we run with mach3 / ipermax65 on windows 7, for the last couple of weeks I've had some issues with mach3 every time I tried to open the program my PC would crash, but every other programs would work just fine, after several attempts to make it work, I decided to back up all my programs/files in order to do a clean installation of windows 7 given the fact that the one we had been using wasn't a genuine copy I assumed that would be part of the issue. Long story short, I did manage to get a genuine windows 7 pck ,  32 bit installed on my PC and I was able to successfully transfer all my files and programs back to my PC  but when I  open mach3 the first thing that I noticed was that the screens were not displaying properly  :o  regardless of that all my settings remained working as before, motors were running and commands were responding since everything seemed to be working just fine  I went ahead loaded an old  g-code that I had to  mach 3,  which to my surprised loaded just fine but  when I tried to run the job I noticed the torch wouldn't  start automatically,  the torch ELD  light on the screen flashes when I open the g-code but when y start the job it turns off, it does work when I manually turn it on but as soon as it finishes the part it will not turn on for the next: I also noticed there was a message saying that " z safe was turned off, z safe move was being ignored" but I don't know if I need to turn it on for a plasma table.
I couldn't really find anything that would help me resolve the torch issue though so resorted to ask on here.

attached is a picture of what my mach 3 screen looks like  ???
any help will be greatly appreciated.

Mach3 under Vista / Mach3 won't load new g codes
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:16:54 PM »
Hello everyone, its been a while since I last asked a question on here,  here I am today, I've been using sheetcam to create my g codes for the past 1.5 years with the same software version up until last week I did an update on it while working on a new job, long story short I finished my new job and I created the g-code perfectly as usual,  mach3 loaded and cut my last g-code just fine also every other job created before last week is working excellent on mac3, now the problem I'm running into right now is that any new jobs that I create (I'm using inkscape to create drawings) don't seem to be translated into g-codes anymore. I run the post processor on sheetcam and it doesn't show any problems when its done processing, I save new  files as I've been doing for the past 1.5 years and everything seems to be working smoothly until I try to load the new g-code on mach3, nothing comes up except for one blinking dot on the right screen where y and x meet, mach3 doesn't show any error messages at all and on the left screen it shows the drawing that I created but no movement or commands at all.
To give you more details on what I noticed after doing the update on sheetcam , here's a few  error messages that where popping up.
after opening sheetcam and start creating a new g-code I would get this message "sheetcam has encountered a problem and it needs to close" after clicking ok it gave me this "Microsoft visual c ++ runtime library error" every time it  closed,  after that  I took a look on the debug log and I started noticing these messages    "postprocessor ok", " action failed, plugin not licensed"  etc.
does anybody have any ideas about what could be causing this problem. or what does any of those messages mean?, I consider myself new and ignorant  to this but any help will be appreciated.

Everything has been restored to the way it was before the update but no luck, mach3 won't load any new g-code created but the old ones work perfectly. please help.

Hello everyone, here is my problem I hope one of you can help me, so I am running a hypertermax 65 plasma on CNC, we just got this plasma table last year from some guy out of state so we don't have any local support to turn to and the guy who sold us this just went out of business

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