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General Mach Discussion / z axis drifts up or down
« on: August 04, 2019, 04:22:18 PM »
After installing a Atc screen on my machine I get where the z axis will move up or down  while returning to postion.   When it travels up it hits the limit switch and stops the machine.  I have talked to the person who made the screen and script for me and the code is fine he feels it is something in the machine.   I'm looking for suggestions  The router is in rapid travel when it happens   Its not every time that it does it and the up or down movement is random could go either way.    I have had a similar problem with run from here in the past as it is rapid moveing  to the start point it will slowly lower the z into the work piece rather than rapid to xy then lower z   If anyone could help that would be great  If you need more details I would be happy to provide   I cant provide the code as they are in encrypted files I cant view them.   thanks In advance Kirk

Hello all thanks In advance for reply

I run mach3 on my cnc router.  I use vacuum to hold my sheets  in place while cutting.   I use three operations most of the time 2 are drilling and the third is a cut out.  they all use seperate tool numbers.   the drill operations are preformed and then the cut out.  my tool changes are manual but I use and atc post processor to write the code for them in aspire.  I have found I don't need the vacume to be running while the drill operation is happening.  But also forget to active the vacuum from time to time.  what I'm wondering is it possible to have Mach 3 activate the vacume automaticly when the tool is selected and turn it off when the tool is done?  If so how do I do it?   I would like it to happen with out going in and changeing the gcode for each sheet. 

thanks again

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