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Hello guys,

my first post here :)

On some other forums some guys told me to not load files from my NAS, as I done all those years, but to copy the file locally. I do this as generally I mill only one piece of any single drawing, I never have series so in a day I make 10 or more gcodes files, sometime I need to change some mops so I'm regularly moving from CNC to my PC, I found that the NAS is the best option, now I also have a dedicated PC near the machine so I do most of the changes on that, but everything is saved on the NAS so I have access to the latest files from my main workstation also.

Is there an official answer of this question: Does Mach 3 re-read a g-code while milling ? I don't think that this can happen because the files are so very small, most of my .nc files are 100 - 300kb, very rarely I have an 1Mb .nc file. But I want to have an official response to this as I'm just assuming based on my logic, also I noticed the file is locked and can't be overwritten while is loading in mach, but if I can see the entire gcode in Mach 3 window, why would Mach 3 read the file again while milling ?

My issues are not related to loading the files from the NAS, as it happens even if I manually jog with no file loaded in Mach 3, but I want to understand once and for all if this is a bad thing. If it's really not ok, I will install a sync program and when I finished making my daily .nc files, when I go to the CNC PC I will start the sync to copy the files from my NAS to the local HDD.


I moved this introduction to here as is not really relevant to this topic title

 I have some weird problems with my machine, the most annoying thing it that it something randomly, and something that I though I fixed it now about 6 month ago when I moved my CNC router from garage to my workshop, both under the same roof, same power supply .. same everything , but after the move the machine was ticking from time to time, and sometime it almost stop one motor, randomly which one, the problem is I had 2 motor on both Z and Y axis, stopping one motor on either of those axis is a very serious thing, which can cause serious damages. Now 6 months ago I started to change some power cables with shielded ones, installed an UPS, changed the parallel cable, purchased a new BOB which in the end I haven't installed as someone told me on a forum to try disabling the EIST and C1E functions in BIOS, it was right when I started to swap wires from old BOB to new BOB, I told to my self, it's an easy task to disable something in BIOS, I should try before swapping all the wires and changing settings to mach the new BOB .. I couldn't believe that after disabling those functions the ticking dissapeard .. everything was perfect .. for about 6 months, and those days the problems started again.

The CNC was custom made now 4 years ago, in all this time I used it with 2 computers, both Intel powered, I had this randomly (almost) stopping problem since the beginning , but back then it was happening very very rarely, I couldn't predict or repeat the issue, it happen maybe once a month or even once 2 months! there was no ticking back then, only the motor stopping issue you can see in this video I made now about 6 months ago.

Now it started somehow again, without changing anything to my setup, and in the last few months I really worked alot (about 8 hours / day on the router) .. everything was perfect.

Today I purchased a new controller (UC400ETH) to have something dedicated for pulse generation, so this task won't be something related to my computer (which I changed now about 1 year ago, it's a Lenovo Thinkcentre EDGE, 2.7GHz intel CPU, 4GB RAM, a nice computer in my opinion but with an integrated video card ) .

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