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Finished Screens / Mach3 SmartScreen Screenset - Now Available
« on: July 27, 2020, 02:45:17 PM »
Mach3 SmartScreen Screenset - Now Available

Where to download, Free & Fully function for 60 days

Some videos, about SmartScreens

This has just been completely rewritten in 2020, and is now smaller, faster, reliable.
Want the features but do not want to change your screenset?

*****VIDEOS***** / Mach3 running under VMWare Windows 7 32
« on: June 25, 2019, 06:53:34 AM »
Mach3 running under VMWare Windows 7 32 bit, which is running on a Windows 10 64 bit
The Windows 10 host computer has Virus Scan, Internet Access, and is running an intense BobCAD 3d Simulation.
The Windows 7 32 bit under VMware is locked down, no virus scan (remember its cover by the hosts virus scan), no updates, etc...
This setup runs flawlessly everyday with GCode over 750,000 lines.


I am pretty good at scripting but this is driving me crazy?
It should work but I cannot find much written about it

I am trying to add some scripting to the Mach3 Jog Buttons

If condition = True Then
End If

I created a button
Set the Standard Code to 34 Execute Basic Script
Execute Code is as above, even without  the If statement...  just the DoOEMButton(307)
No movement

If I switch the standard code to 307 it works fine but then I cannot check the conditions

Any help is appreciated

 I don't know about the rest of you but I find  when my C&C machine is finished it shuts off my router or turns off my torch depending on whether I'm cutting steel or wood.  It also turns off the mist or flood coolant. But all of the equipment that is running to support my CNC like my compressor, Vacuum table, fume extraction,  or dust collector  are still running.

 I thought it would be useful if I could extend the control of my CNC.  I successfully added an IP based  eight relay expansion board.
 This worked well for my laser crosshairs and with additional circuitry and lots of wiring I could control some of the other devices.
 In fact it works really well. But I wanted more.

 I just completed development of an  Interface that lets me control an unlimited number of smart home devices from TP Link.
The HS100, HS105, HS200. WITH NO WIRES...  These devices use Wi-Fi.  I can now turn on and off and check the status of any piece of equipment values in support of my CNC equipment.  I can do this from my Mach screen or from an MCode.

 Has anybody else done anything like this before?  I search the forum and couldn't seem to find anything.
 I search the forum and couldn't seem to find anything.

 I'm really interested in what everyone thinks about this capability.

We are working a new ScreenSet called SmartScreens. The goal is not to just make another screen set.
They must be unique, usable, uncluttered, and easy to use.

The area that we spent endless nights thinking and re-thinking was work offsets and tool tables.
We were hitting a brick wall when the limited choices seem unattractive.
    1.  Use the existing pop up forms which have some "inconsistencies"
    2.  Replace the default storage withXML files and worry about forward and backward compatibility
    3.  Create some scripts that load the files using DRO's... But you still can't easily save
    4.  Ya Da Ya Da

Some we took the road less traveled ( not sure anyone else has taken this road )

We researched, and replicated a 100% compatible replace for both forms...
The bonus is we now have the ability a full set of functions to read, modify, and write the information
So now we can be more creative, or to follow our design theme we can be Smarter...

Your thoughts?

This took about 5 months
I made on my highly modified Velox CNC Router / Plasma Cutter / Engraver

I used BobCAD version 29 with a custom post processor that I wrote to mimic SheetCam style functionality

I used Mach 3 with a completely custom ScreenSet I created cal SmartScreens

I will be posting about SmartScreens over the next few weeks

Promote and discuss your product / SmartScreens for Mach 3
« on: May 13, 2017, 11:03:18 AM »
I have a mixed background Machinist, Manufacturing Engineer, Robotics and Automation, and 27+ years of software development experience.
I now am semi retired and have a shop in my garage.

Velox CNC Router, with a CandCNC Controller (that I have converted into a Tri-Purpose machine)
   Routing ( with a precision aluminum vacuum table )
   Plasmas Cutting (including a Dual Chamber Water Table which is tucked under the router table )

I was disappointed with the default screens that came with Mach. I also wanted to be able to control all of my CNC support equipment from my gcode (Dust Collector, Vacuum Table, Fume Extractor, Fume Divertor, Plasma Cutter, Laser Crosshairs, etc)
So I wanted to add at least 8 relays to the setup.

Since my run times were 24+ hours I wanted to be able to email status of the system and related information.

I looked at some of the existing offerings and decided that I would create what I now call SmartScreens for Mach 3
I have created about 60% of the Core functionality and have tested it extensively. Now I will continue to finish the balance of the functionality.

My goal was to build intelligence into the screens to make it easy to use, to make them SmartScreens not just screens that look better.
I also wanted to finally have an uncluttered, organized, uniform user interface. I know that you cannot see any of the intelligence from screen shots... I am happy to answer questions, accept constructive criticism, design suggestions, Must Have Features.

Let me know what you think and what functionality is most important to you.

Thank you

I could only attach 4 screenshots so there is more to see

I am writing a VB Script and I want to Load and Save Work offsets Directly... Without having to pop up the Mach Dialog
Is this possible? What file / registry location / ??? is this information stored.

I browsed around but could find a relevant previous post.

Mach Screens / Script When loading a screen set
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:49:07 PM »
One day I was browsing for Mach information and I found a link (which I should have saved) that said there is a location or script or something that you can add or modify so that when your screen set loads you can script certain things...
I need to set certain OEMDRO's & OEMLED's, select a specific page etc...

All of those things I know how to do but I dont know how to automate it when the screen set loads

Can some one help? Point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

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