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FAQs / +1mm -.99mm?
« on: March 12, 2017, 11:02:55 AM »
Hi all
I couldn't find an introduction section so I'll spill it all here. I've been a machinist for nearly 40 years but the CNC world is very new to me. I acquired a Non functioning Chinese 30/40 Router and last December purchased a 5 axis controller kit which included 3 nema 23 motors and stepper drivers and so the adventure began. She's all together and running with a licensed Mach3 controlling her, but has a error I can't shake or find any reference to. The X and Y axis keep gaining + and the Z axis - the best way to describe this is if you loop 1mm back and forth the axis will jog 1mm+ but only.99mm- this isn't backlash as it accumulates and after 10 cycles the error is .1mm etc with all 3 axis doing this you can imagine what things look like after 1000 lines of code. I've replaced the breakout board but the error persists. Any ideas answers etc would be much appreciated.
Thanks Mick Qld Aust.

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