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General Mach Discussion / G28.1 plasma touch off issue
« on: January 10, 2017, 08:41:51 PM »
Im having an issue with the touch off at the beginning of each cut on my plasma table the G code generated by sheetcam

G28.1 Z0.12
G92 Z 0.0
G00 Z .0984
G92 Z 0.0
G00 Z .15

The issue is that sometimes the plasma torch comes down and comes in contact with the material trips the switch on my floating Z head and everything does what it is supposed to, but sometimes it won't. Sometimes it stops 1/4" short of touching the material zeroes itself without ever touching the material, and goes through its process of moving offset etc. sometimes it's 1/2" up or more, but then the next cut it'll go all the way down trip the switch and everything is fine for a cut or two or ten. I've run the same program at least 20 times and it's random on which cut will work right and which one won't it's never the same, sometimes it only does it once out of the 25 cuts sometimes 4-5, but always does it at least once. It always registers when it has hit the top of the material and never crashes or tries to keep going past top of material so I know the switch is working and it's registering that the switch has been hit, and it goes through its process of zeroing, moving offset amount etc..

I had a problem with my computer ( bought machine used but working  I've never installed Mach before) had to get a new one and do a fresh install of Mach on new computer, everything was working fine on old computer so there's gotta be some little setting that I'm missing

Post processor that I'm using was set up by the guy who built the machine, and was able to upload it along with all settings and tools and rules he had for sheetcam when I fresh installed it too so I'm sure it's good, and he had it set to use a THC  but I haven't re-hooked up the THC yet, going through the forum here it's my understanding that you don't need THC hooked up for G28.1 homing to work, someone correct me if I'm wrong on this.

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