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Group I am setting up an HP dx2400 to control an RC FoamCutter 4 axis hot wire cutter.  I have had the FoamCutter working on an older computer but the X and the Z axis would not stay in sync and we suspected the problem to be caused by a much older, slower computer so I upgraded to the newer dx2400. 

The HPdx2400 us running the latest BIOS of Rev 5.37 however the BIOS does not support control of the parallel driver to control the modes like the old PC did (EPP etc).  The parallel board is an Oxford PCI-2S1P GP / OX12PCI840.  The documentation for the board indicates that it does support various modes but control of the modes appears to be limited by the driver.  I have found two drivers for the parallel board.  One dated in 2003 that allows control of the mode but Mach3 does not respond even after changing the respective port address on the parallel port.  So I updated to a parallel driver dated 2007 however this driver does not support the ability to change the the communications type (EPP etc.)

So with this known, is there a driver available to support this parallel board in EPP mode?  If so, can someone please post it or a link to it here?

Thank you.

Bret C

Bargain Basement / Wanted four axis foam cutter
« on: March 02, 2017, 09:13:05 PM »
Wanted four axis industrial CNC foam cutter.  (No hobby systems)

I need to identify the manufacturer of the CNC controller that came with our RC Foam Cutter.  Knowing the manufacture of the controller we an then resolve some issues we have been having with it.

Attached are a few photographs of it.

Thanks!  Bret C

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