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I need to execute native VB code to get at some O/S functionsfrom within a macro. Mach functions in VB script only support Sendserial, and I will need to do a few more things like Getserial (made this name up), and discovery of the Windows available com port list. Has anyone out there done this? Any tips or instructions on how to proceed?

I've just opened up a new shop for business, catering to the home cnc and small business machining markets. A while back, I was looking for an inexpensive MPG or pendant for my retrofitted mini-mill, but was dissapointed to find nothing offered in the home machinist price range, so I designed one myself. Art Fenerty was using one of these at the cnc workshop last month, and also discussed another one of our new products with several of the attendees. The Jog-Dial is in stock and ready to ship, and the Jog-Bot, a new style pendant that uses buttons like a stopwatch for axis selection, jogging, and OEM triggers is in development and near completion. There's a picture of both the MPG and the new pendant design in the products section - look here   


for more information.  Thanks for looking!

I've got Mach3 up and running and all is well with the mill. My question is about Screen4, and it is really basic (no pun intended). I want to write a short VB script for a new button. I checked the box for "VB Script" in the new button properties and it says "vb script edited in Mach3" - okay good so far. Now I go into Mach3, load the new .SET and see my nice new button, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to enter the VB script for it. Is there a naming convention for a script file associated with a button?  How do I get a script entered and associated with this  button? I know I must be missing something incredibly obvious here - but I keep going over the same ground. I kknow I am going to feel really sheepish when I get the answer :)

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