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General Mach Discussion / Plasma, proma THC. NO floating head POST help
« on: December 12, 2016, 11:53:21 PM »
Have setup going using the mach3 plasma post with scriber BUT even if I change the switch offset to zero by editing the post
It still throws my z too high.
I do not have a floating head.
I do not want a floating head right now.
I want to eyeball my z and let it go. I do not want the touch off stuff but I do want thc.
I can run the post and remove some code and it runs fine but can someone edit the post of show me how as I'm not too hot at
This yet.

General Mach Discussion / Please help BOB torch fire questions
« on: December 04, 2016, 04:18:57 PM »
I have been reading on here for a long time now hoping i wouldn't have to post but..
With too little research i bought a 4X4 plasma table.
Im running this BOB http://us.stepperonline.com/download/pdf/5_Axis_CNC_Breakout_Board_Interface_Users_Manual.pdf
(yes i know its not that great.)
Also using ESS by wrap9td
PM45 with MIC
ESS and BOB powered by 5v isolated from Desktop
I also have proma THC. ( i know its not much)
I went with this because of my lack of research. I also wanted to upgrade in the future if everything pans out

As of now i am trying to get the torch to fire. I appear to have good motion on XY&Z axis
it is my understanding i need to connect the Plasma start to the output or spindle relay pins on the bob.
is this correct? I cant get any signal there. i noticed there is a place for 12-24v in do i need this?
when i toggle torch on in mach 3 i can hear the relay click and i get the red led on the BOB but nothing. if someone could point me to the correct pins or point out what im missing.
I have cnc experience but not so much mach 3. Im sure this is somthing pretty simple.
at this point im not even worried about  THC i just want to get the torch to fire first.
Thank you

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