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Hello, I've been using my CNC to laser engrave things with a DIY 2W setup.

Initially, my z-signal got redirected to a relay, that would turn the laser on or off.

Now, I'm trying to use the output signals on my G540's. I have M420 set to turn the laser on, and M421 to turn it off. It works just fine... HOWEVER - the macro takes a second to execute and leaves a small burn mark where the laser starts and stops.

Is there a way to make the macros execute faster? The only line of code in the file is "ActivateSignal(OUTPUT1)".

Maybe M11/M10 codes will work better? I have no experience with those yet

Alternatively, I might be completely overlooking a simple way to control lasers with Mach3. Any help would be appreciated!!!


EDIT: sorry for prematurely posting... I think the M11/M10 will work here after some testing

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