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General Mach Discussion / choppy motors
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:07:30 PM »
I am using a TB6560 (I know... not the greatest controller, but like many of you I am on a budget) to drive 3 23hs9430b stepper motors.  I am using a 24V regulated power supply that seems to run the system just fine.  I have retrofitted a version of the X2 milling machine to accept the steppers and I have been working on getting the motors tuned.  My board came with a print out of the dip switches which control the power setting, the microstepping and the decay.  I think I have it set at 75% power, a very high rate of decay, and 1/16 microstepping.  The trouble comes when I am tuning the motors.  I have them set at approx 50900 steps per rev, I think its because of some wear in my machine. but I have a 1/16" lead screw, 1.8deg stepper and 1/16 mirco stepping (should be about 51200 pulses per in).  When I am in motor tuning and think I have the motors where they need to be I use the up/down arrows to jog it and it sounds like it is grinding and is very choppy.  The weird part though is if I save the axis and close out of tuning, switch to the axis calibration to figure out exactly how many steps I need to move an inch and the system runs the stepper it is smooth as butter.  Here is a video of the motors running. the first few movements are the axis calibration doing its thing, the next run is me jogging the system and the last one is the axis calibration again.


What am I doing wrong? does the axis tuning run a different pulse series than the jogging? Also when I run a program through the system is is very rough and choppy.

Thank you.

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