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I just picked up a Sharp CNC knee mill (Sharp HCV) with a Mitutoyo Millstar CNC control with Mitutoyo linear scales on X, Y and on the quill. I don’t know what generation of Millstar this is. 1, 2 or 3? Anybody? Anybody have manuals and documentation for the control?

The Millstar controller is an old Pentium S PC with a Galil DMC-1020 motion card, a whopping 4 megabytes of RAM in a case with monitor, does power on, but there’s a problem with the IDE drive failing to boot. Bad IDE hard drive would be my guess.
The PC has PCI (but I think no PCIe) slots.

It has Glentek brushed DC servo drives for X and Y axes and I'd like to keep/use them if I can.
I'd also like to keep/use the Mitutoyo linear scales.
Recommendations on hardware to get to adapt/use the existing Glentek drives and Mitutoyo scales with Mach 3?

Also, they replaced the head with a 3HP Gromax variable speed head. I don’t know anything about Gromax. Anybody have manuals they can share?

My kids have been helping me clean off some of the grit and dirt and rust with Scotchbrite and WD-40. The Y axis definitely shows some wear and a bit of scoring on the ways, but the overall machine is pretty solid.

Anyone have manuals for the Sharp mill?
Docs for Mitutoyo Millstar?
Docs for Gromax 3HP variable speed head?
Recommendations for way oil? Spindle oil? ...
Anybody have a Millstar hard drive that I could clone?

Is it worth it to try to resurrect the Millstar controller?

Or, would it be better/faster/easier/cheaper to try to convert it to Mach 3 CNC?
How to use the existing Glentek brushed DC servo drives with Mach 3? I'm guessing they take 0-10V input, but not sure.
How to use the existing Mitutoyo linear scales with Mach 3 CNC?

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Help! Hardinge CHNC Retrofit
« on: July 07, 2007, 10:33:38 AM »
I have a Hardinge CHNC (serial # CNC 532) and it is very clean and nice and was apparently holding super tight tolerances before the control failed (a blessing I'm sure :-).

Anyhow, I have cleaned it up, and am in the process of getting it ready to work.
My plan:
-use Mach 3 turn to drive it
-I have an Axxus DB1 parallel port breakout board
-I have a 12V MPG (I know 5V is preferable)
-use the still mounted DC servos (ElectroCraft 660) with some GeckoDrive G320 or G340 drives
-pull the resolver/tachs off and put encoders on X and Z. Since I want 0.0001" positioning, and the ballscrews are 0.2" pitch, 500 CPR encoders in quadrature should give me that.
-figure out some inexpensive method for controlling the turret. I'm all ears.
-Get a drive for the DC spindle motor. Not sure how many KW, but it looks like 3+ KW or so. It is a permanent magnet DC servo, 3500 max RPM. Anybody have specs on this and drive recommendations where I can control speed/direction from Mach 3?

I'm open to suggestions on how to best get this thing up and running (turret, spindle, ...).

I've attached a couple of pictures of what it looked like when I got it (NOTE: brown stuff is not rust, but some kind of oil buildup/enamel), after a little bit of elbow grease/WD40/rags/..., and the DC spindle motor.

More pictures are available and I will have followup posts as I make progress.


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