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MS XP & Mach3 V3.043.066 was flawless in all projects since start-up in '16.  Amazing precision!!!

While inactive in CNC for several months I connected the Mach3 XP to my LAN (ethernet - no internet).   Then yesterday on another XP, (as usual) I Cam-Bammed a new project.   The "Z" movements were incorrect.  "X" & "Y" were still fine - in the new job and several older, on-file jobs.  The Gcode was fine in all cases.

By connecting my XP (dedicated to Mach3) to the LAN, did it foul up the Mach3 "normal printer port operation" setting?

To be clear - I haven't moved Cam-Bam or Mach3....they're right where they've been since the beginning in 2016 - each on it's own dedicated XP.  (I jump-drive the individual Gcode file for each job.

Can I fix Mach3 without having to delete it and re-set the whole program?   

I just did unplug the Mach3 XP from the LAN.  It didn't fix the flukie "Z". :-(



General Mach Discussion / "Software Limits" in Status during Ref All Home
« on: September 09, 2016, 04:23:47 PM »
Hello there,

I'm as new to CNC/Mach3 as a bouncing 8 pound…..    Setting up my new Zen Kit (assembly & wiring my me…a very meticulous sick-o).

In Diagnostics - checked each limit & home switch  Yellow lights where they should be.   Next, in "Ref All Home"   "Z" went fine.  "Y" went to Y-Limit ??- weird  and   "TILT" - flashing "Reset" and "Software Limits" showed in Status;  no nothing clears that. not even closing, rebooting.  Big brain-cramp.   

"Software Limits" ….is that, like - my Win-XP needs to go to the IR ????   A new purchase - has been rock solid all these years.

BTW, I've been working at the setup/controls of Mach3/Zen for a couple of days, testing, jogging, and a few minutes engraving in walnut and granadillo (hard as a rock)……wonderful quality - with the grain, across grain!!!

Thanks a lot,

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